Infialign Braces

Infialign clear aligners are ideal even for a hectic lifestyle, allowing you to spend more time doing the things that you love

INVISIBLE: Virtually invisible, nobody would notice you’re having your teeth straightened.

REMOVABLE: Aligners are removable, making it easier to brush and floss to maintain your oral health during treatment.

COMFORTABLE: Infialign clear aligners are suitable even for an active lifestyle since there are no metal brackets cutting your mouth.

EASY TO CLEAN: Infialign aligners are easy to clean and keep your oral hygiene maintained.

FASTER TREATMENT TIME: Infialign may give you visible results as early as the first month of treatment.

COST EFFECTIVE: In many cases, Infialign is more affordable than other treatment options for teeth alignment.


Infialign retainers are virtually invisible. Adult patients love that colleagues and clients can’t see they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Self-conscious teens do too.

Eat Anything

Aligners can be removed for eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing. That is something that cannot be done with braces. It allows you to eat the foods you want and practice better oral hygiene.

Fewer Consultations

A 3D scan of your teeth is used for making all the customized retainers in a laboratory. You should change the multiple sets of retainers on your orthodontist’s directions. Few visits to the orthodontist means less time off work.

What are Infialign Braces?

As transparent as your confidence – Once you wear these braces, you won’t have to worry if these look good on you or not. Because they appear to be transparent, there won’t arise a question regarding your self-confidence. You can flaunt your smile effortlessly.

Easy-handling – These braces are indeed versatile as you can remove them according to your needs ie. while eating, brushing, etc. This way you won’t have to press a full-stop on your everyday activities and your teeth-aligning process will run smoothly. With that, your oral hygiene stays intact.

Fewer problems – The best part about these braces is that it doesn’t easily face issues like breaking. Because the normal braces undergo various issues like a bracket breaking or a wire coming off. With Invisalign, this issue is off the charts.

Lesser consultation visits – With the efficiency of fast installation & user-friendly experience these braces carry, the number of visits to the clinic lessens in number. Invisalign braces help you overcome teeth-related problems peacefully whilst doing their work.

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